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Nutrition Seminar Announcement Template

Consumers today are more conscious and educated on the foods that they consume than ever before. So if you and your business offer nutrition training and guidance through seminars to people, this Nutrition Seminar Announcement Template is exactly what you need!

The vast majority of this template features a delicious-looking breakfast, fruit bowl with granola, chia seeds, fruit and garnishes placed on top of a table. On the top right of the portrait, template writes, “This Friday Nutrition Seminar” in bold and black writing. Underneath this heading contains further information about the seminar, such as the time it’s slated to occur.

Replace the feature image with any image of your choosing and replace the seminar details with relevant information about your event. And once you’re done, be sure to send this around online and offline so you can start filling out those seminar spots as soon as possible!

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