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Meditation and Yoga Class

Meditation and Yoga Class Digital Signage Templates

This soothing template in earth colours will attract your readers and entice them to sign up for your meditation and yoga class.

The template features an image of a woman's face looking serene and calm with her eyes closed, deep in meditation. The image is the most striking part of the template, grabbing the readers attention and then drawing their eyes to the right-hand side of the template which features a text box with a muted brown background.

The words 'Mindful Sunday' pop out in a subtle ochre color followed by the words 'Meditation & Yoga Class' in upper case.

The bottom of this sections includes a new offer price of $19 for this class.

You can edit and customize all the text, though we advise you to keep the earthy tones used in the template as they embody a feeling of tranquillity.

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