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Fresh Food

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Promotion with $ / %

Cocktail Bar Happy Hour Special Template

The text in this template is large, bolded and clear, ideal for concise keywords to tell the recipients exactly what they can expect from you. Smaller text can be used to indicate special deals or conditions. The background image features sparkling teas, juices and cocktails on a table. Its warm tone appears inviting, cosy and casual.

If your restaurant or bar wants to promote special offers, such as cheap happy hour drinks or Sunday specials, this template will suit you well. Show your customer what kinds of drinks you serve and what type of setting they will be in with this warm-toned image, or use one of your own to convey the vibe you want! Then edit the text to tell customers what your deals are on and what refreshments they could order, and be sure to include low prices and delicious-sounding drinks in big, bold text to entice your customers!

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