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Chrio Introductory Offer Template

This chrio introductory offer template is build around a beautiful photo from a man caring his child on his shoulders overlooking a field of flowers. It’s promoting fast & effective pain relief, with a discounted price of $50 for the first visit, where it used to be $90. This template is great as a poster or flyer, and can also be used as a social media ad or even on the homepage of your website. many mothers and fathers can relate to this template, because as a parent it is extremely difficult to look after your young child or play with them, when you are in pain or have physical ailments. An Introductory offer is a great way of to attract new, first time patients to your practice and lower the threshold by offering a cheaper, first time price. Call to action to this template should be your website with all your contact details or a webform that prompts people to leave their details so you can contact them and book in their first appointment.

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