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Optometrist Eye Test Discount

Optometrist Eye Test Discount Digital Signage Templates

This optometrist eye test discount template is showing an optometrist using a phoropter. This piece of equipment is one of the basic tools used by optometrists to measure the refractive error and determine the eyeglass numbers of the patient. The patient is instructed to sit in front of an eye chart some distance away. Different lenses are applied before the patient tells the optometrist which lens allows him to see better. The template promotes a 50% off for prescription lenses with the first eye test. The dominating colors in this template are blue and white. The template can be used as a DL flyer, poster, social media ad or sticker. As the call to action the best results will be delivered if it directs to an online booking tool that allows patients to book in their first eye test, directly with the optometrist. If that's not possible a landing page with a contact form or website with the contact details of the practice will also deliver results.

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