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Cheap Burger Tuesdays Menu Promotional Template

If your F&B business runs promotions on a specific day of the week for your burgers, then this Cheap Burger Tuesdays Menu Promotional Template may be precisely what you need!

The right-hand side of this template showcases the different types of burgers offered by the business, ranging from a pork burger to a veggie burger. Underneath each individual burger is also a short, one-liner on what ingredients are included in the burger. On the left-hand side of the template is a feature photo of two mouth-watering burgers on a plate. And, overlaid the top of the feature photo is a heading that writes, “Cheap Tuesdays” in capitalised font and varying colours. Dividing these two sections on this landscape template is also a graphic that writes, “only $9.”

Make this template work for you by replacing all the details and elements you think need to be replaced. Then, start sending this around your community to generate more business today!

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