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City Destination Travel Sale

City Destination Travel Sale Digital Signage Templates

This City Destination Travel Sale Template is both classy and straightforward. It is also precisely what your travel agency or business needs if you're trying to promote travel within any city or place in the world.

On the right hand side are three images of the destination., showcasing a Ferris wheel, some architecture and buildings. These images also overlap each other, creating a fun and dynamic effect on the whole template.

On the left hand side is some short, punchy and to-the-point marketing copy that writes, "Travel sale," the destination of the travel sale and then the starting price.

All of these aspects to the template, such as the images, the prices, the font and the background can, of course, be changed to fit into your business and your current or upcoming promotion.

Once you have completed designing and putting this template together, send it around to your friends and family!

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