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Build Your Own Poke Bowl Step-by-Step Guide Template

Build Your Own Poke Bowl Step-by-Step Guide Template’s purpose is to inform and guide customers on how they can build their own bowl. Given this function, it is understandable that the design is text-heavy. However, it lures in customers through its high contrast and stylish colours.

The topmost left part is where the logo is situated. Underneath it is the menu’s title written in relatively large font, and finally, on the bottom are the prices of each bowl size.

Each step is clearly laid out and numbered, and the items are grouped inside box illustrations to create a more organized layout. Lastly, add-ons are highlighted in a white rectangle to differentiate them from the steps.

Make this template your own by easily editing the colours, design elements, text copy, layout, or you can also add an image if you see fit.

After you are satisfied, you can now share it online and print copies to be displayed and handed out at your restaurant.

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