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F&B Delivery Loyalty Program Promotional Template

If your F&B business offers free delivery and you are trying to find different business and marketing tactics to boost spending among your online customers, then this. F&B Delivery Loyalty Program Promotional Template might be exactly what you are looking for.

The background of this template features a faded out photo of a salad with some marketing copy over the top. In this case, it writes in yellow, bold and large writing “for every $10 you spend” with further information about the entire promotion in relatively smaller writing on top and beneath this. Finally, sitting at the bottom of this portrait-oriented template is a yellow icon of a delivery truck.

Edit all the elements you please, such as the colours, the fonts, the marketing copy, the background photo, and you are good to go! With Mandoe Media, you have all the templates and designs you need in order to make this marketing push a success.

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