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Sydney Takeaway Food Promotion Template

Advertise your food truck or takeaway joint with this horizontal template which you can use as a flyer design too.

The template is divided into two sections. The right-hand section features an image of two hands holding a cheesy burger. The background is blurred which makes the burger really stand out and be the focal point of the image.

The left-hand side of the template very simply has three words – Sydney’s Best Takeaway in an electric blue with Best in a striking orange. Truly effective in it’s simplicity!

You can easily customize this template to reflect your brand. Change the colors, the font and even the image to include an image of the grub you serve.

Print this template out and hang it as a sign at your outlet or use this design for your fliers.

This template is a handy way to promote your fast food business and up your marketing.

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