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Wine Bundle Savings Template

A simple yet elegant template featuring a close-up image of a glass of wine coupled with text designs that complement the photo. Let this template draw your clientele’s attention. Doesn’t matter if they’re new customers or not, this template will resonate with the appropriate individuals.

The photo of the glass of wine showcases high-quality wine, while text written in whimsical font design adds a touch of luxury. The text on the bottom complements the colour of the wine and is displayed clearly, and is easy to understand.

You can adjust and customise every element in this template. From the image to the text, colours and other details, you can use every one of these to suit your business’s needs and maximise impact on your clientele.

If you need content to fill up your marketing calendar, Mandoe Media offers thousands of pre-made high-quality templates you can use freely. Simply download the templates you like, personalise them, and then share them online and offline!

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