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Bar Free Drink Special

Bar Free Drink Special Digital Signage Templates

This template features a close up of an Old Fashioned cocktail being poured on a rustic-looking copper surface on the right. On the left of the drink, there is large white text displaying "free drink" and the condition below the enticement. The text is boxed with fine white lines as well. This template is perfect for bars and lounges. The colours and structure of the image give off a sophisticated and classy feeling, ideal for higher-end cocktail bars. Feel free to edit the text so to tempt your customers with special deals or attractive prices for your drinks, or keep it as is to gain more Google reviews for your bar. This template would be perfect to showcase your bar's offers on the tables/bar seating so that customers can see the clear image and text in the dark setting and leave you a review (or buy more drinks, whatever your deal is)!

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