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Vegetarian Restaurant Special

Vegetarian Restaurant Special Digital Signage Templates

With vegetarianism on the rise in developed countries, your business can capitalise on this trend and generate sales and new customers with this awesome Vegetarian Restaurant Special Template. While simple, this template features everything your business will need to communicate for your current or upcoming promotion. Dead-smack in the middle of the template is a photo of a mouth-watering vegetarian dish sitting on a dark grey table and taken from a birdseye view. Around the template, positioned diagonally, are details of the promotion. In this case, on the top left, it writes, "Limited time only lunch menu" with the price underneath. The bottom right of the template includes the period of time the promotion takes place daily, which is "between 12-3PM only." These elements, such as the photo, the marketing copy and the promotion details, can all be modified to suit you and your business's promotion. So get designing and start sending this template around online or offline!

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