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Discount Promotion Announcement Template

If your business is running a promotion for your products or services, this Discount Promotion Announcement Template is exactly what you need in order to let your existing as well as potential customers know more about it!

The majority of this template features the template’s background photo, which is a skincare product dropped into a milk-like liquid. On the left-hand side of this template, though, is where more information about the promotion exists. In this case, it writes, “3 day frenzy” within a bronze coloured circular graphic in white text. Underneath it writes, “Take an extra 10% off.”

Make this template unique to you and your business by modifying the promotion details as well as replacing any of the other aspects of this template, such as the photo, colours, and so on.

Once you’re done, send this template around online. Or, print it out and hand it around your community!

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