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Building Elevator Hygiene Reminder Template

Coated with vibrant colours and an exciting photo, this template design will definitely grab your tenants’ or residents’ attention. This template is for you if you manage or own a property and want to let clients know about the measures you are doing to sanitize your property.

The template features an image of a gloved hand holding a spray bottle, which embodies the meaning of clean and sanitized. Text is written in clear and contrasting colours to make the reminder or information easy to read.

To make this your own, you can simply download it and edit the text, image or colours to better suit you and your company’s needs. Once done, you are now ready to share it online and offline.

Let this professionally designed template remind your tenants and residents about the precautions needed during this time of the pandemic. You can do this through this fun, eye-catching, and stylish template.

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