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Strata Complex Advertisement Template

This template is perfect for strata complexes which wish to advertise their premises to potential investors and residents. The template promotes a worry-free, strata lifestyle, with connotations of a modern, sleek residence.

The colouring in the template is simple and pleasant, with a light sky background and smooth blue hues on the buildings. The image itself shows a modern strata complex, which gives a good indication of what the signage is about, before the viewer even begins to read the text.

This template features a pleasant white font on dark banners, ensuring the message is as clear and readable as can be. The message itself contains the tagline, a prompt to get in touch by phone, as well as a time display for the next strata meeting.

This template is easily editable, meaning you can ensure the image is delivering the exact message you and your strata complex wish to convey.

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