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Active Sportswear Discount Template

This Active Sportswear Discount Template is exactly what your business needs if you’re trying to showcase an upcoming or existing promotion for your active sportswear apparel.

On the right hand side of this template is an image of a woman with her hair pulled back, looking to her right into the distance with her elbows resting on a bar. She’s wearing a matching sportswear set.

On some of the corners of this template are some colourful and abstract graphics, adding a layer of character to the whole design of this template.

On the left hand side is your opportunity to introduce your business and explain what your business’s promotion’s details. In this case it writes, “Join our sports rewards get 15% back”. It is then followed with a call to action.

Make this template unique to your business by editing all the elements and start sending it around to your network and online so you can start generating more sales today!

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