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The best cities in America to eat healthily

Eating a healthy diet is important for maintaining good physical and mental health, but it can be challenging when dining out or eating on the go. Some cities in America offer a wider variety of healthy dining options than others, making it easier for residents and visitors to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We conducted a study to explore the best cities in America for eating healthily and highlight some of the top healthy dining establishments in each of the best-rated locations.


To rate the best cities in the US we looked at:

The number of healthy restaurants in each city, how they were rated by their customers and how much choice each city provides.

We then compiled these into an index and ranked them based on this analysis to reveal the city with the best overall scores.

Top 25 cities in the US for healthy eating

Our healthy cities study has revealed some noteworthy differences between the wellness opportunities available across Australia.

Name Number of healthy restaurants Population (2022) People per restaurant Average review rating
New York City NY 295 8,930,002 30,271 4.337
Los Angeles CA 263 3,919,973 14,905 4.4134
Miami FL 154 450,797 2,927 4.3807
Chicago IL 120 2,756,546 22,971 4.4156
San Diego CA 110 1,402,838 12,753 4.4134
Houston TX 86 2,345,606 27,274 4.4588
San Francisco CA 79 887,711 11,237 4.3842
Austin TX 73 996,147 13,646 4.435
Las Vegas NV 71 653,533 9,205 4.4225
Tampa FL 69 394,809 5,722 4.4758
Atlanta GA 68 514,457 7,566 4.4134
Honolulu HI 65 353,706 5,442 4.4872
Dallas TX 63 1,325,691 21,043 4.3492
Portland OR 59 666,249 11,292 4.4874
Seattle WA 57 762,687 13,380 4.4277
Arlington TX 53 400,032 7,548 4.2712
Mesa AZ 53 517,302 9,760 4.4085
Denver CO 53 738,594 13,936 4.4319
Phoenix AZ 53 1,640,641 30,955 4.4891
Orlando FL 51 321,427 6,302 4.4202
Washington DC 51 707,109 13,865 4.4375
Boston MA 50 687,257 13,745 4.455
Scottsdale AZ 45 246,157 5,470 4.44
Philadelphia PA 43 1,619,355 37,659 4.424
Nashville TN 42 707,091 16,836 4.3932


New York ranks top in a national survey of healthy eating options

New York tops our list for the number of healthy eating options available to those eating out in the USA. With twelve percent more than its nearest competitor, NYC dominates the study with how many healthy restaurants are available. As one of Americas premier food destinations its comforting to see that the options for New Yorkers extend beyond the ubiquitous Pizza joints, diners and bakeries.

Some of the highlights we found in our search for great healthy options across NYC included:

Cleanse Theory Kitchen

Healthy dish

We talked to the founders of Cleanse Theory Kitchen, Khari & Sarah about what providing healthy food options meant for them and their business:

“Our mission to create change in the food industry through providing our community with better nourishing options in NYC for comfort, energy or repair – so our customers can feel their best, whether they’re wanting a ‘grilled cheese’, a 100% oil free ‘better than bone broth’ Umami soup or something in between like trumpet mushroom ‘calamari’, a high protein nourish bowl or jackfruit ‘beef’ stew.

Our customers order trusting we have tasty options with their health in mind (because we sneak the nutrients and superfoods in! Leaving the sugar, iodized salt, fillers, chemicals, inflammatory oils and cheap & nasty items out!).

Being a start up with high costs due to our commitment to freshness, quality organic food made from scratch….cooked to order without the items that we know are causing digestive issues and health complications – our hearts light up when we receive 5 star reviews, messages and feedback about how delicious our food is yet it doesn’t make them react, feel bloated or feel the same way other foods make them feel when they eat out.

We believe food is medicine and what you eat either contributes to your health or to disease. Through our combined experience in restaurants, plantbased nutrition, coaching, digestive health modalities, fitness, and body systems alignment, we’ve seen how mental and physical health is directly connected to gut health.

If we can feel better, we can be better.”

See them here, at


Twenty One Grains

Healthy dish


Bunna Cafe

Healthy dish


Jajaja Mexicana

Healthy dish


Los Angeles ranks second on national study of healthy restaurant options

Los Angeles has a vibrant and diverse food scene and it’s no surprise that across the sprawling metropolis, we found many excellent options for those who want to stay fit and healthy.

With a variety of alternatives to suit every taste and dietary preference, Los Angeles is recognised for its vibrant and diversified food scene. The city is a cultural melting pot, and this is evident in the range of foods available.

The city’s broad cultural population is one factor in the city’s diversified food scene. Numerous immigrants from different countries have made Los Angeles their home, creating a diverse tapestry of flavours and cuisines. In LA, you may discover food to suit your tastes, whether you’re in the mood for Thai, Mexican, Japanese, or any other type of cuisine.

Additionally, LA locals are constantly searching for fresh and creative ways to improve their diet, which has led to a vibrant healthy food culture. In this metropolis, there are many options for healthy food, including smoothie bowls, poke bowls, and filling salads.

Some of the highlights of what we found across the city include:

Green Table Cafe

Healthy dish



Healthy dish


Greenleaf Kitchen & Cocktails

Healthy dish


California scores well in healthy restaurant hunt

With Los Angeles coming second in our overall ranking, how did some of the other major cities across California perform?

San Diego comes 5th in the US for healthy restaurant options

San Diego and San Francisco have more options than many larger cities and represent great places to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Life near the beach obviously helps promote those wanting to maintain a healthy mind and body and having plenty of options to dine out healthily matches that lifestyle.

San Diego is a city that encourages healthy living because to its lovely beaches and consistently sunny weather, making it a great vacation spot for those who value their health. San Diego’s variety and abundance of healthy food selections are one of the primary characteristics that set it apart from other cities. Given its population size, San Diego’s ranking as having the fifth-most healthy restaurant alternatives in the US is astounding. This demonstrates the city’s dedication to encouraging healthy living and meeting the requirements of both its citizens and visitors.

Organic restaurants, vegan restaurants, and vegetarian eateries are all part of San Diego’s healthy dining options. To accommodate various dietary requirements, many of these establishments also have low-calorie, gluten-free, and other special diet options.

San Diego’s proximity to San Francisco is another factor that makes it a fantastic city for healthy living. Despite being only 120 miles apart, the two cities have many things in common. San Francisco is a fantastic location for a healthy weekend break because of its reputation for healthy living and culinary alternatives. Together, the two cities are excellent locations for leading a healthy lifestyle and offering a variety of healthy dining options.

Aside from offering a great location for exercise and outdoor enjoyment, being close to the beach has also been demonstrated to improve mental health and general wellbeing. San Diego and San Francisco are excellent destinations to live and visit if you’re wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle because of the mix of the stunning surroundings, healthy cuisine options, and availability of outdoor activities.

There were some excellent options across California but San Diego stood out for its size:

Plumeria Vegetarian

Healthy dish


Café Gratitude

Healthy dish



Healthy dish


Tourist centres scored well for choice but not overall

We also found that key vacation destinations often scored highly in terms of the variety and choice available compared to the population size; this did not translate into a high score in our study. For example whilst Las Vegas comes in at 9th overall, most people wouldn’t suggest that its a healthy place to visit. They achieved their position by having more restaurant variety to cater for the tourist numbers rather than the local population.

Phoenix tops the healthiest cities to eat out, based on online reviews

Name Number of healthy restaurants Population (2022) People per restaurant Average review rating
Phoenix AZ 53 1,640,641 30,955 4.4891
Portland OR 59 666,249 11,292 4.4874
Honolulu HI 65 353,706 5,442 4.4872
Tampa FL 69 394,809 5,722 4.4758
Houston TX 86 2,345,606 27,274 4.4588


If you look at the cities that have the best rating from online reviews for their healthy restaurants, Phoenix comes top with the quirky variety of Portland and the island options of Honolulu taking up positions 2 and 3.

Phoenix, Arizona has a population of 1.6 Million people in 2022 and is home to 53 healthy restaurants, resulting in an average of 30,955 people per restaurant. The city has an average review rating of 4.49 for its healthy restaurants, making it the top-rated city in the United States for eating out healthily. Other cities in the top five include Portland, Oregon with 59 healthy restaurants, Honolulu, Hawaii with 65, Tampa, Florida with 69, and Houston, Texas with 86. Overall, Phoenix offers a wide variety of healthy dining options and has a strong reputation for its healthy restaurants, making it an ideal destination for those looking to eat well while on the go.

Some great restaurants across Phoenix with this one gaining a real cult following from those watching what they eat.

The Bodhi

Healthy dish


Honolulu ranks 2nd in the US for healthy restaurant availability and 2nd for best-rated

One of the best places in the whole country for those watching what they eat when they go out was Honolulu. Ranking second in the country for availability and second for the best-rated restaurants, Honolulu makes a great argument for being the best all round city for healthy eating in the whole of the USA.

Additionally, Honolulu offers a wide range of nutritious dining alternatives, including vegan and vegetarian restaurants as well as farm-to-table establishments that use locally farmed food. A lot of the city’s eateries also include traditional Hawaiian foods on their menus, like poke bowls prepared with fresh fish and taro. Additionally, the city is a great place for people who value healthy living because of its mild environment and variety of outdoor activities. Honolulu is the ideal spot to indulge in nutritious, delicious food while also being active thanks to its stunning beaches, hiking trails, and outdoor markets. Overall, Honolulu is a popular location for tourists that are wellness-conscious due to its dedication to healthy eating and active lifestyles.

Plant Based Paradise Kaimukī

Healthy dish


Tampa and Houston score highly in healthy eating study

Tampa is a slightly surprising entry at 4th and the fact that Houston comes in 5th points towards a large city with some high quality options.

LS Organics

Healthy dish



Healthy dish


Miami tops the list of cities with the greatest availability of healthy restaurant options

If we look at the availability of healthy restaurants based on an analysis of the number of people per healthy restaurant this is the top 5:

Name Number of healthy restaurants Population (2022) People per restaurant Average review rating
Miami FL 154 450,797 2,927 4.3807
Honolulu HI 65 353,706 5,442 4.4872
Scottsdale AZ 45 246,157 5,470 4.44
Tampa FL 69 394,809 5,722 4.4758
Orlando FL 51 321,427 6,302 4.4202


Miami comes top with a good number of restaurants for the number of people in the city.


Pura Vida Miami

Healthy dish


The Plantisserie

Healthy dish


Healthy & Happy Miami

Healthy dish



In conclusion, the availability of a large variety of healthful restaurant options makes it easy to eat out and stay healthy. These businesses prioritise using wholesome, fresh foods and provide clients with a range of nutrient-dense meal alternatives. For anyone looking for healthy dining options, there are a variety of options available. People can make informed judgements and enjoy meals that meet their health objectives while dining out by investigating these restaurants and their menus. We hope this study emphasises the value of a variety of healthy restaurant options in America, making it simpler for people to follow a balanced diet even when dining out.

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