Create fashionable digital signage for your clothing store

Clothing stores around the world use Mandoe to create stunning digital signage for fashion campaigns, new products, clearance sales, and more

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How It Works

Create beautiful digital signage

Mandoe's intuitive and straightforward drag and drop editor makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful digital signage


Get started with one of our professional templates

Each new design starts with a few questions about the signage you need for your clothing store before Mandoe instantly generates thousands of amazing templates to choose from.


Make it your own

To customise a template, upload your logo and photos or choose from Mandoe's vast library of digital assets, including text styles, icons, graphics, and more.

Easily deploy to one or multiple screens

Deploy your new Mandoe signage to your clothing store's screens with just a few clicks.


Deploy to one screen or many

Mandoe lets you configure your screens to match your clothing store's layout. You can group displays or send signs to just one screen.

Set dates for your signage to display

Choose start and end dates for each of your signs. Perfect for creating seasonal fashion campaigns.

Set times for your signage to display

Program your start and end times. Mandoe gives you complete control to change your clothing store's screens as many times as you like during the day.


Get insights into what's working and what isn't

Want to know which signage campaigns deliver the best results? Use Mandoe's display history with your clothing store's sales records to determine which signs are your winners and losers.

Templates for Clothing/Fashion Stores

Your Mandoe account comes with thousands of beautifully designed signage templates, perfect for advertising the latest fashion, showcasing new products, seasonal sales, and much more.



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Use Cases for Digital Signage

Benefits of digital signage for Clothing Stores


Increase foot traffic

Use digital displays in your clothing store's windows to showcase your store's incredible products and deals to attract new customers.


Increase profit margins

Maximise the value of every customer who shops at your clothing store by using digital signage to market cross-sells, impulse purchases, and more.


Grow daily sales

Use digital signage to communicate with your customers and promote your latest deals and offers to encourage spending.


Reduce marketing costs

Posters and banners change throughout the year at clothing stores. By switching to digital displays and using Mandoe, you can save big on services like graphic design, printing, and physical signage delivery and installation.

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