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Staff Wellness and Wellbeing Survey Template

Amid a global staff shortage, staff retention has become a high priority among companies all looking to retain their talent. With that, periodic general checks on how your team is doing are critical, providing you insight into how you can help boost their wellbeing and motivation. So if you want to boost awareness about these wellness surveys so you can increase your datasets, then this Staff Wellness and Wellbeing Survey Template is perfect for you!

This portrait-oriented template is divided into several sections. The top section features a dark green colour with the heading, “Staff wellness and wellbeing survey,” with the reward listed underneath. Beneath this is a group of team members standing together in a row. And, at the very bottom, a domain for template readers who are interested in reading more is also included.

Let your creativity take reign by editing and designing this template however you please. Once you’re done, email it to the team to start generating responses ASAP!

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