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Membership Giveaway Promotion

This Membership Giveaway Promotion is what your fitness centre and gym need in order to start generating more leads and interest for your business.

On the right-hand side of this template features a man wearing fitness gear, staring intently away from the camera, doing a workout with fitness ropes at a gym. On the left-hand side of this template is a red, circular graphic that writes, “Win Free Membership” in funky and different font styles and colours. And, at the bottom of this template, underneath the graphic, includes small white text that writes, “Terms & Conditions Apply” in capitalised font.

Adjust this template and modify all the elements however you please so that it’s unique to your business, its identity and brand. Once you’re done, send this template around online as well as offline, so you can start generating excitement and hype over this membership giveaway today!

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