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New Gym Classes Announcement Template

This New Gym Classes Announcement Template is perfect for your gym if you’re looking to let your existing members, as well as potential new members, know about an upcoming new class that you’re offering!

The background image of this template features a woman with an athletic and lean physique, wearing fitness gear and holding onto a hula-hoop.

Overlaid the background photo is a bright and fun pink text box, which writes, “new gym classes” in capitalised, funky and white font. Underneath this and below a divider is more information about the additional classes, which in this case is “from 12 March.”

Make this template yours by modifying all the elements, such as the background image, the marketing copy, the colours and fonts! Once you’re done, send this template to your community online and offline, so you can start filling out those spots today and bringing in more revenue for your business!

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