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Outdoor Yoga Session Pose Template

This outdoor yoga session pose template pictures a woman in black outer wear outfit at dusk or dawn on a grass field with trees in the background. The woman is in a headstand yoga pose and on the photo there is circle with leave and inside the circle the text: acro yoga in the park. Acro yoga is the physical exercise which combines yoga and acrobatics and is perfect for people who like to combine meditation with challenging their body. At the top of this vertically positioned template is the date and time the outdoor yoga class will take place and in the bottom left hand corner is the location, in this case Hyde Park. This template can be used as a DL flyer, poster or social media ad and the call the action should direct people to the website or landing page with more information about the yoga instructor, other classes available and if the session needs to be pre-booked, contact details and an online booking form.

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