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Wellness Event Promotional Template

This is a wellness event promotional template. Intentionally simple, the template has a soft colours and tones to evoke a sense of calmness and relaxation in the recipient. The multiples text features on the template are all white, with the text in the centre occupying a third of the entire template to immediately capture attention.

The text in the middle reads, “Wellness: Redefined,” to immediately give recipients a sense of what service you and your business are offering.

On the top of the template, it writes, “Special event: Workshop,” to provide interested leads more information about how your business is going about “redefining wellness.” And, at the bottom of the template it writes, “meet the experts who are redefining wellness.”

All the text as well as the main image of this template can be substituted to suit your business, your needs, your offering and your current promotion.

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