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Yoga Classes Promotion Template

Yoga is quite the rage these days and an increasing number of people are now turning to yoga as not just a form of exercise but for their mental health, meditation and rejuvenation too.

Advertise your yoga classes with this soothing template featuring two images of women practising yoga poses against a calm blue background.

The images have a white border that draws the eye of the reader towards them.

The top left of the template has the words ‘Yoga Package’ in a no-nonsense font with clean lines partially highlighted in white.

Below this is more information about the Yoga package. In this case, it’s $75 for 5 classes a week.

You can easily customize this template and change the information and fees. You can even change the images and include images of yourself doing yoga or use images of your yoga class.

This template is ideal for promoting your yoga classes online, on social media or you can even send this template to your mailing list.

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