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Loyalty Program Free Drink Template

The loyalty program template encourages customers to join the program and in exchange, receive a free drink. The template is ideal for all kinds of hospitality vendors, including cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs.

The drink to be offered is undetermined, meaning users can detail a non-alcoholic drink such as tea or coffee, ideal for cafes, or an alcoholic drink, such as a glass or wine or beer, perfect for licensed venues such as restaurants, bars and pubs.

This loyalty program and free drink template also encourages customers to download the users app, to gain access to more rewards and offers that may be available.

Promoting customer loyalty programs is best done with pleasant visuals, such as the background included in this template. It’s subtle and does not overpower the viewer, ensuring a positive reaction. That means the customer will be more likely to join the loyalty program, encouraging further business in the future.

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