Business Type

Fresh Food

Use Case

Promotion with $ / %

Tea & Juice Happy Hour Special Template

This Tea & Juice happy hour special template pictures a tall cooled glass filled with Peach Ice tea and a shorter cooled glass of water. Both glasses are standing on a table outside in a bar. The writing on the top of the picture : Sunday special sparkling tea and Juice in white bold letters. On the bottom of the picture the writing: Happy Hour $5 is written in white letters. Organizing a Sunday special on drinks might help to increase the turnover on the less popular drinks or drive customers to the bar on Sunday to enjoy their favorite drink during happy hour. This template can be used as a DL flyer, poster, social media ad or pull up banner just outside the premises to attract people to come in. If the template is used online, it should direct people to a landing page or website with the address and contact details of the provider.

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