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Fresh Food

Use Case

Promotion no $

Event Catering Special Template

This template consists of a black plate against a plain, greyish-white background. Two perfectly cooked bright orange shrimp sit on the plate, with slices of lime and mint leaves highlighting the freshness of the food. The cool tone of this image conveys a sense of sophistication to the recipient. Small text in the upper left corner can display the types of dishes and cuisines you offer, and the larger text at the bottom shows features “event catering” and your catchphrase.

If you are an event caterer, you might find this template to be fitting to your needs. Give off a cool, classy, yet simple vibe to your customers with this image as your poster or brochure cover and wow them with the enticing dish! Of course, you can edit the template and add more fitting pictures and change the text to showcase further the foods you offer. Just edit the template as fits and transform your customers’ events with your food!

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