Business Type

Fresh Food

Use Case

Promotion with $ + unit

Seafood Restaurant Deal Template

This Seafood Restaurant Deal Template pictures a whole fresh fish, an avocado and a small bowl with salt flakes on a warm grey marble bench top. The picture has the writing – Catch of the day – positioned in the right top corner and the writing – Premium Bream now $6/kg on the bottom of the picture.
You can use this template to promote your day deal to your customers, this can be as a restaurant towards your visitors or as a wholesaler for your restaurants. This Template has a natural, clean vibe and gives a clear message to your customers.
This template can be used as a DL flyer, poster, social media ad or pull up banner just outside the premises to attract people to come in. If the template is used online, it should direct people to a landing page or website with the address and contact details of the provider.

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