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Hand Sanitiser COVID

Hand Sanitiser COVID Digital Signage Templates

This horizontal template features a light blue background with a pair of well-manicured hands holding up a small bottle of hand sanitiser, emphasising it as the main selling product. Next to the hand sanitiser, big texts in white states "value for hygiene," hinting that the product is worth it for recipients' hygiene. In the bottom right corner of the template, the image is cut out to reveal a white triangle with text on the inside, saying that whoever is putting up the post/poster care about the recipients' health and that they offer hand sanitiser in personal hygiene boxes. If your company is a pharmacy or a clinic or anything alike, this template would be perfect for you to help you advertise hand sanitiser, especially at a time during COVID. Feel free to edit the text to point out any special information you want your customers to know, or you can keep it as is and advertise personal boxes and single-use hygiene packages for them!

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