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Manicure Hand & Nail

Manicure Hand & Nail Digital Signage Templates

An exclusive, member-only promotion template that has a pink background with text overlay on the top fold with several lines explaining the nature of the packaged sale and price. The price is also encircled, placing emphasis on the promotional offer. The bottom of the template features a darker shade of pink with an illustration, giving this template extra flair. Use this template to show off what promotion your company is currently offering and let your creative streak take the reign! With this fully customisable template, fill in the details of your promotion, get creative with the fonts, colours and illustrations, and ... Voila! You have yourself a creative template of your product/service offering that will be sure to appeal to your existing or new customers. Edit this template in whatever way your heart pleases and, once you're done, send it electronically or print it out and distribute it offline, or, both!

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