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Haircut Service Offering Introduction Template

If you run a hair salon and want to make your services, such as hair cutting, known to your community, then this Haircut Service Offering Introduction Template is perfect for your salon!

This portrait-oriented template predominantly features a photo of a hairdresser mid-action shot, cutting a person’s hair with scissors and a comb in hand. Overlaid on the bottom of this template, however, is some marketing copy. In this case, it writes, “Just the right haircut for everyone,” with the words “right haircut” written within a graphic banner.

Make this template what your salon uses to boost brand awareness, client base and more revenue among your community! Then, all you need to do is make all the tweaks to this existing template that you deem necessary. And, once you’re done, send this template around online (either on social media, forums or your website) or offline to your network, friends and family!

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