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Fitness – Summer Body Template

This fitness summer body sculpting template is what you need to start attracting new customers to your body sculpting business.

The majority of this template is plain white, with a bit of marketing copy and a large image that occupies the left-hand side of the template. However, it is definitely effective in getting across your promotional message!

The right of this template writes, “Body sculpting,” “see results that last.” Beneath this is a call to action, which writes, “Book in-store or online.” Both the marketing copy as well as the text you want to use for your call to action can be modified to suit your business and your promotion!

On the left-hand side is a picture of a woman with a sculpted physique and a sun-kissed glow to try and create a sense of aspiration among recipients, further motivating them to act on the template’s call to action!

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