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IRPL Hair Removal Treatment Services

Permanent, low maintenance and relatively painless hair removal services are of immense popularity now, with an increasing number of men and women looking for long-term and sustainable self-care solutions.

So, why not capitalise on this upward trend by letting your existing and potential clients know that your clinic offers these treatments with this IRPL Hair Removal Treatment Services?

The right-hand side of this landscape-oriented template features a pair of hairless legs on the bathroom tiled floor. The left-hand side of the template features information about the treatment as well as the promotion, which is that a purchase of six treatments gives you one for free! All of these elements sit on a dark forest green background.

Make this template fit with your business and into your creative vision by editing all the elements you deem necessary. From the photo to the font to the colours. And, once you’re done, get sending so you can start boosting sales today!

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