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Cosmetic Procedure Promotional Template

Entice and inform current and new customers with an eye-catching and informative template design. The Cosmetic Procedure Promotional Template could work for you if you run a business related to anything beauty and cosmetics.

This particular template features an image of a woman with clear skin, a dazzling complexion, and stunning make-up. The golden border complements the luxurious feel of the photo and adds a touch of elegance too.

Texts and information are clear and easy to understand. Apart from the image, the header that says ‘Fibroblast Face Lift’ will resonate with appropriate individuals and push them to finally book an appointment.

Personalise this template with just a few clicks and taps on your computer. You can replace the texts, colours, images or even add your logo. You have free reign!

If you need content and marketing materials, you may want to check out Mandoe Media’s thousands of template designs. These templates are pre-made and professionally designed and can communicate your message clearly and creatively.

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