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Free New Patient Assessment Offer

Free New Patient Assessment Offer Digital Signage Templates

Use this promotional template to showcase some of the products and services your company offers. Also, if you have any upcoming exciting deals your customers may want to know about, this template is excellent for that! The template is structured in three pillars: the left highlights the promotion offer. The middle is the tagline you would use to incentivise your customers to use the promotion. Finally, the right pillar includes an image showing the product/service in action. In addition, the different sizes, fonts of the text, and background colours across the three pillars make it more aesthetically eye-catching for customers to want to learn more about the offer. Use this template to think about what your business offers that can be used to attract customers to your brand. Then, once done, feel free to share it online or offline and see customers rile in like never before! This template is also offered in different sizes, so feel free to pick and choose a size that best suits your business needs.

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