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Biomechanical Ad Template

This is a promotional template that you can use to promote your biomechanical services, or any services for that matter!
In the template, it features a large, single image with two feet hanging in the air with a backdrop filled with trees. With that said, you can replace this photo with anything you would like and you believe suit your services and the promotion you would like to offer.

To the left, there is the text “Free” enlarged and capitalized to capture the recipients’ attention. Underneath writes, “biomechanical assessment,” letting interested recipients know about what service promotion you have going on. This can can, of course, also be replaced.

To the bottom right, there is a light blue text bubble containing your call to action that writes, “come see us today!” The colour of this light blue text bubble contrasts the remainder of the template, guaranteed to catch the interest of the recipient.

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