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Cafe and Vietnamese Restaurant

Cafe and Vietnamese Restaurant Digital Signage Templates

This template is perfect for cafes which double as Vietnamese restaurants. Versatility is important these days and if a venue doubles as both a cafe and a Vietnamese restaurant, or any cuisine, it's important that customers are aware of this versatility! This template is mostly made up of a pleasant image of an outdoor area, which allows the viewer to soak up the atmosphere of the restaurant or venue. The dark blue space allows ample room to deliver a simple text message. This template features a basic white font on the dark blue background, which provides a nice contrast and ensures the information is easy to read. The text announces hours for both the cafe and the restaurant, making it very clear that the venue does both services. This template is easily editable, meaning you can add your important information, as well as social media and contact details. The template also includes an announcement that they are pet friendly.

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