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Chai and Milk Tea Menu Template

If you have a new tea menu and you want to make it known to new customers, as well as existing ones, then this Chai and Milk Tea Menu Template is just for you.

The background image of this landscape template features a hot tea in a mug. And, overlaid on the feature image on the right-hand side includes a graphic that writes, “Try our new menu!” in a circular, dark blue-greyish graphic. On the left-hand side of the template includes two different coloured columns containing different sorts of tea ‚ chai tea on the left and milk tea on the right. The different types of teas are outlined beneath with their respective prices beside it.

Let your creativity take reign by replacing the menu items, colours, feature photo, and whatever else you please. Then, once you’re done, post this beautiful template on your company socials to start generating interest today!

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