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New Cocktail Promotion Template

Are you offering a new cocktail? Why not do it with this fun yet elegant new cocktail promotion template? The majority of this template features an image of the new cocktail that you would like to showcase. But, surrounding the feature/background image of the new cocktail is a range of details that add a bit of extra character to your template and thus your brand!

There is a subtle, white outline of leaves on the top right, matching the border of some of the other elements on this template.

At the top of this template is some text, which sits on top of varying coloured shapes. In this particular instance, the name of the special has been written out as “Delicious & healthy fruit lemonade special,” in different sizes and coloured fonts. Underneath the name of the special is the price. Both these elements can be customised to fit the specifics of your business and your current promotion, though!

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