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New Product Promo Template

Displaying a fun, eye-catching and summer-inspired design, the New Product Promo Template will surely catch your customers’ attention and pique their interest at the same time. This template is for you if you own a bar, cafe, or product-based restaurant.

Are you in need of marketing material to promote your newest offering? Do it the easy way with Mandoe Media’s professional and pre-made templates.

This template features a colourful image of a healthy bowl of food and other design elements that showcases the new product in a stylishly attention-grabbing way.

A call for action to check out their new product is highlighted in a contrasting background to make it pop out.

Every element in this template can be personalised according to your business’s aesthetic and preferences. Adjust the colours, image, text, and many more with just a few clicks on your mouse.

Download this template now and let it effectively boost your sales by converting interest into transactions.

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