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Alcohol Quick Free Delivery

Alcohol Quick Free Delivery Digital Signage Templates

If you are a liquor store that is trying to promote your quick, free standard delivery, this template would be ideal for your store. This landscape template features a bottle of Scotch on the right-hand side against a wooden background, as well as large, comprehensible text in white on the left-hand side! Tell your customers that you offer free delivery in three hours or less on orders over $50 with this simple template. This template would work great as a website banner or as a social media promotion post. You can with this bright-coloured template on your social media. You can take the reins! Feel free to change the background image to anything that would appeal to your store's target demographics. For example, if your store sells to young professionals, you can include alcohol like beer instead of scotch whisky. Don't worry, this is all very easy to change with the Mandoe Media template editor.

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