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Bar Drinks Tasting

Bar Drinks Tasting Digital Signage Templates

This Bar Drinks Tasting Template is perfect for your business if you're trying to build hype and excitement around your bar drinks tasting event! The background image of the template features a glass and bottle of alcohol which has been propped onto a surface. On the top of the background image is some text, which in this case writes, "local brews". In the middle of the template features large, capitalised and white coloured text, which writes, "Spirits & Wines Tasting" with a red separator underneath. At the bottom of the template, it includes further information about the event as well as includes the text, "Limited Spots", creating a sense of urgency among template readers, encouraging them to reserve a spot. Replace the background image of this template as well as the text and event information to make it unique and applicable to your business and start sending it around online and offline today!

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