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Liquor Store Product Promotion Template

This Liquor Store Product Promotion Template features an image of a bottle of Hendrick’s Gin, complete with a sophisticated-looking cocktail, finished with orange peel and herbs. The text, set to the left in sleek black lettering, reads ‘the original dry gin.’

This slick template is perfect for promoting gins, vodkas, rums, whiskeys, or any other liquor you prefer. The template comes in an editable format that is perfect for use on websites or social media profiles. The simple background is perfect for added imagery of bottles of alcohol. Or why not get even fancier? You could replace the main image with cocktails you’ve created, or perhaps an image of your bar itself.

This template is tailor-made for bars, restaurants, and liquor stores that wish to up their liquor promotions. Simply replace the text with the relevant information, add your business logo and any other additions you might need and you’re good to go.

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