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Event Catering Limited Deal

Event Catering Limited Deal Digital Signage Templates

This event catering limited deal template shows a man and a woman in an industrial kitchen preparing food for an event. Event catering is an essential part of many different types of events, including weddings, corporate dinners, networking events, Christmas and birthday parties or VIP sport hospitality functions. The photo is across the entire template with the people wearing black and white aprons and a black t-shirt. In the background are a wide range of kitchen appliances. The chefs are plating the canapes ready to be served to the guest. This template is promoting an event catering business with the phone number as the call to action and offering a 10% discount for a limited time only. It can be used in many different ways, as a DL flyer, poster or advertisement in local print media. Getting the right caterer for your event is crucial to the success and can make a big difference.

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