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Neutral Coloured Menu

Neutral Coloured Menu Digital Signage Templates

Neutral Coloured Menu Template features only the most essential elements in menu design - nothing more, nothing less. This template is for you if you are looking for a monochrome-hued menu for your restaurant.

This template is equipped with all the necessary things in an inviting and informational menu. The logo is situated in the topmost left part of the template, while the item list is divided into four categories.

All items are neatly organized and listed with their headings written in bold and all caps font. Each item is also described in detail to let the customer know what each dish is made of.

On the bottom-most part is a strip of an eye-catching image of pasta plates. This attracts the customers and at the same time gives them a peek at one of your offerings.

The best part of this template is that every detail can be adjusted and tweaked according to how you like - from the colours to the image and from the logo to the text.

What are you waiting for? Download this template and let it do what it was made for.

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