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Dental Health Week

Dental Health Week Digital Signage Templates

It's no lie that many don't enjoy going to the dentist. And for the ones who are indifferent, remembering to go is difficult. So, why not use this Dental Health Promotional Template to try and motivate and remind people to get their pearly whites checked at your clinic? On the left-hand side of this template features an up close and personal photo of dental staff holding some equipment with a pair of hospital gloves on. Overlaid on this feature photo contains more information, such as when dental health week is running as well as a statistic on how rarely adults get their teeth checked. The right-hand side of the template outlines a list of the reasons the template recipient should go to your clinic for dental services. Make this template your own by replacing the colours, the marketing copy, the photo and more! And, once you're done, send this around your community to start generating more revenue today!

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