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Cosmetic Injectable Promotional Template

Promote your services or products with a simple yet eye-catching template design. The Cosmetic Injectable Promotional Template could be for you if you own a business related to cosmetics and beauty.

This template features a minimalistic design with just the model, a few texts, and a yellow upper border. It includes only the essential and no fluff.

The model has beautiful skin, excellent facial features, and gorgeous make-up. It perfectly fits with the theme of this template, which is cosmetic injections.

The header that says ‘Book your consultation today’ may be the last push some of your clients need to finally take action.

Customise and personalise this template in a few easy clicks and taps on your computer. You can replace the image, texts, colours, and other design details to match your needs better.

Once done, you can share it online and offline to widen your audience reach and maximise sales conversion.

What are you waiting for? Download the Cosmetic Injectable Promotional Template now.

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