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Hand Sanitiser Product Promotion

Amid the global COVID-19 health pandemic, there is undeniably unprecedented demand for health and sanitary products, such as hand sanitiser.

Let existing and new customers know about the fact that you offer hand sanitisers at your business with this Hand Sanitiser Product Promotion.

On the right-hand side of this template, writes, “Hand Sanitiser from $4” and on the left-hand side is a photo of a woman squeezing some hand sanitiser out of a bottle onto her hands. The photo is also outlined in a dark green, grey font. Both these elements sit on top of a baby blue background colour, giving this whole template look a warm and fun vibe to it.

You can make this template unique to you and your business by modifying the marketing copy, the colours, price and pictures to your liking. And, once complete, send this template around your community so you can start selling more sanitiser today!

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