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Pharmacy Flu Shot Reminder Template

This pharmacy flu shot reminder template is a text only template with a light blue background. The text on this template is promoting a flu shot for the price of $14.99 as part of the immunisation service, available between March 30th and June 6th. The flu shot needs to be pre-booked and are available in store. Immunisation in combination with a healthy and active live style is the best way to ensure you minimize your chances of getting the flu. Each year thousands of people die of the flu so getting a flu shot is important, especially for those people with a weaker immune system or poor health. This template can be used as a DL flyer, poster or social media post or advertisement. Reaching as many people as possible is key and the call to action should either be a website with a live availability and booking tool, or alternatively a phone number to call to make your appointment.

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